25 - 27 Jul 2023

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre

Kenya Airways targets Beijing in China

 Kenya Airways aims to increase these flights to China. Kenya's national airline has announced plans to fly direct to Beijing as soon as Beijing's new Beijing-Daxing airport opens before the end of this year.

 A new line that, according to its managing director, would help increase the company's revenues through freight and passenger transport. An increase in income that Sebastian Mikosz considers as a condition sine-qua-no to the recovery of the company.

"  We believe that the expansion of this road is essential to our recovery program. This new road will play an important role in the multiplication of commercial and tourism opportunities and in strengthening Nairobi as a business hub  , "said the company's general manager.

An announcement made a few days after the company's inaugural flight to Geneva, Switzerland, and its return to Rome, Italy;after ten years of absence. It is in this same vein that the airline launched this week, direct connections between Nairobi and Malindi, main destination of most Italian tourists (more than 65 000 Italian tourists visited Kenya in 2018), and home to a large part of the Italian community in Kenya.via @AeroNews