29th June - 1st July 2017

The Kenyatta International Convention Center,Nairobi,Kenya

Event Overview

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative is a comprehensive framework for organizing multinational economic development and trade, which has inspired the creation of China Trade Week (CTW) was compeletely successful in Kenya. For the first time, acomprehensive China focused trade event has been hosted in Kenya, with the support of the Kenya Chamber of Commerce.

Running July 1─3 2015 ataKenyatta International ConventionCentre (KICC), Nairobi, China Trade Week ─ Kenya 2015 African uslness people face─to─face with Chinese companies, created a unique opportunity to meetnetwork and developed the foundations of trading and business relationships. China Trade Week─Kenya 2016 will feature Chinese businesses from sectors such as construction materials, PMV, automotive parts and accessories, print, packaging and plastics, consumer products andfurniture etc.

With full government and industry support, the organizers of China Trade Week─Kenyaa2016 spent weeks onthe road in China,meeting companies from major provinces such as Jiangsu, Sichuan, GuangDong, Zhejiang, Shenzheng, Beijing andShanghai, ensuring that the very best of Chinese manufacturing and industrywill be represented at the event.

Small and medium─sized enterprises (SME) can enjoy full support from China Chamber of Commerce concerning China Trade Week─Kenyaa2016, which means those enterprise sattending the event can apply for oversea exhibition subsidy from the government if they meet the requirements.

2016 China Trade Week-Kenya is a 3 day event being held from 29th June to the 1st July 2016 at the KICC in Nairobi,Kenya. This year CTW expands to 4 halls, Hall 1: construction materials & energy/ Hall 2: lighting/ Hall 3 & 4: combined industries. This event showcases products like bringing together hosted buyers &“China-featured" professionals from China in almost all industries.