25 - 27 Jul 2023

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre

About Kenya

Photo source:  www.ccn.com

Kenya is a country in Africa and a founding member of the East African Community (EAC). Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Kenya's territory lies on the equator and overlies in the East African Rift covering a diverse and expansive terrain that extends roughly from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana and further south-east to the Indian Ocean. Kenya is a major communications and logistics hub, with an important Indian Ocean port and strategic land borders with Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia. The country covers 581, 309 km2 (224, 445 sq mi), and a population of approximately 50 million people.

Kenya's youthful and growing population, dynamic private sector, highly skilled workforce, improved infrastructure, new constitution, and pivotal role in East Africa, give it the potential to be one of Africa's great success stories. Improving weather conditions should support a recovery in agricultural output, which together with planned infrastructure projects and expected higher investment inflows, should see the economy accelerate this year.

Kenya's GDP should rebound to 5.8% in 2018 and 6.1% in 2019 respectively, supported by large investments and growth in the service sector. The country aims to have a robust diversifies and competitive manufacturing sector to help its transformation into an industrialised middle-income economy by 2030.

According to economic forecasts projects in Kenya is rising to 5.8% in 2019. Kenya is regarded as the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, and many large corporations have their headquarters in Nairobi.