25-27 June 2024

Kenyatta International Convention Centre
Nairobi, Kenya
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IT & Telecom

Kenya's IT & Telecom sector is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that has played a pivotal role in transforming the nation's economic landscape. Known for its innovation and resilience, this sector has become a key driver of Kenya's digital transformation and connectivity.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovation Hub: Nairobi, often referred to as "Silicon Savannah," has gained international recognition as a hub for tech innovation and startups. It hosts numerous tech incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Mobile Connectivity: Kenya boasts one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in Africa. Mobile money services have revolutionized financial inclusion and transformed the way people conduct transactions.

  • Internet Connectivity: The country has witnessed a substantial increase in internet penetration, with initiatives like the National Broadband Strategy expanding access to high-speed internet even in remote areas.

  • Government Initiatives: The Kenyan government actively supports the sector through policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, and e-governance.

  • Burgeoning Outsourcing Market: Kenya is increasingly recognized as a competitive outsourcing destination, attracting international companies seeking quality IT and business process outsourcing services.

The IT & Telecom sector in Kenya is a driving force behind innovation, economic growth, and digital inclusion. It continues to offer immense opportunities for businesses, investors, and professionals seeking to be a part of its exciting journey.

Explore the limitless potential of Kenya's IT & Telecom sector and be a part of the digital revolution

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